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I'm a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) accredited psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute. I have been practicing since 2018 in Chorlton, South Manchester.

As a mindfulness based approach Core Process Psychotherapy cultivates in-depth awareness of what is happening in the present moment, especially what occurs in our inner world: how our thoughts, feelings and emotions are expressed as sensations in the body. The aim is not to alter our experience of the present moment, but to understand how we are relating to it, to discover what our embodied awareness tells us about ourselves. Over time this practice reveals how we have become the person we are today, and as this understanding grows, so does our capacity for change. Change that allows us to encounter all life situations, especially relationships, with more clarity; enabling us to move forwards with more confidence, creativity and freedom.


Mindfulness is the exploration of our present time experience; when we pay attention to ourselves in the present moment, we become more aware of the feelings, sensations, thoughts, emotions and attitudes that are arising and crucially, how we are relating to them.

As our Mindfulness practice grows, we cultivate a greater awareness of our personal reality: we begin to see more directly what is going on both within and without ourselves, moment to moment. Rather than living 'in our heads’, caught up in the stream of thoughts that drive our emotions and behaviour; we begin to reconnect with our body’s physical sensations.

This reconnection with our felt experience in the present allows us to stand back from the stream of thoughts so often charged with reminiscence of the past and fantasies/fears about the future. In standing back we have the perspective we need to begin to see how we can habitually become entangled in this proliferating stream of thought in ways that are not helpful.

Mindfulness practice offers the possibility that each of us has the potential to rest simply in this present moment, seeing things as they truly are. In this state of awareness, uncomplicated by thought, we can sense a natural arising of wellbeing along with the possibility of living with greater spontaneity and joy.


I practice Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP), which is a mindfulness-based approach founded on a depth understanding of personality process and human potential. CPP integrates both the Buddhist and Western psychological traditions, combining the awareness and compassion practices of Buddhism with the western psychotherapeutic understanding of psychological development and personality formation.

Whilst Buddhist psychology has greatly influenced the foundations of this work, it is open to everyone: there is no requirement for you to have, nor to embrace, any understanding of Buddhism or any other religious, philosophical or spiritual outlook.

CPP is established through a supportive therapeutic relationship which provides the context for the work. Trusting that when we tell our stories and explore our experience, however painful, in a relational context that offers deep listening, authenticity, compassion and empathy we will find access to the wellbeing we seek.

CPP is a depth psychotherapeutic process, the relationship is offered for as long as is needed; for whilst there is no set timeframe, or path, to wellbeing, we know it when we get there. We find our own way with our own language.

CPP holds the possibility that each of us has the capacity to rest fully in the present moment, to see things as they truly are; to experience the unconditioned state of peace at the heart of our being. This state is at our ‘core’; and how we move away from this core to form our separate sense of self, our personality; is our ‘core process’. As we begin to sense and understand the patterning of our core process, we reveal how we become the person we are today, and as this understanding grows, so does our capacity for change. Change that enables us to encounter our situation with more clarity; giving us the confidence, creativity and flexibility to move forwards through life with greater freedom.

Getting Started

I offer sessions in person at Chorlton therapy rooms and online (via Zoom).

Our initial meeting is free of charge - it's a chance for us get acquainted and see how we will work together. We'll look at what brings you to psychotherapy and explore any questions you may have about the process.

After our intial meeting if we both feel we can work together we'll arrange a regular time for weekly sessions. Sessions last one hour and will always be at the agreed time, although I am sometimes able to reschedule if needed. The initial commitment is for 6 sessions, after which we will review our work together and decide whether we want to continue. We will regularly review thereafter to discuss progress. We can work together for an agreed time period, or on an open-ended basis.

All sessions are confidential. I have regular supervision, which is done in strictest confidence and without disclosing identities. I abide by the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

Sessions cost £50 per hour. A discount for individuals on a low income may be available upon request. Please contact me to arrange an initial meeting. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence, if I cannot answer your call immeadiately I will respond within 48 hours.

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